WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is important and how he can optimize your WordPress blog to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic.


WordPress SEO service, where we help other bloggers to optimize their WordPress blog for search engine. Blogging is all about quality article but it’s important to have a SEO optimized and well structured blog. Specially after Google launched Google panda, it’s important to have a blog with proper depth and indexing mechanism

keyword research:

We research multiple keywords after analyzing your business. If you take only one keyword and monthly search volume 100 or 1000 for your business, we think this is not good for your business because multiple keywords can get more and different customers than a single keyword.

deliver quality content:

Without content Google or other search engines banned your sites because it breaks their content spamming rules. You know everyone hates spam. If you have no time to write content for your business, then we will do it for you. We always try to do our work smartly.

website architecture or planning:

You can find many SEO companies over the internet that they make a single page SEO for your business, but we do not make a single page to rank. We do SEO for your all pages.

on-page website optimization

We are very smart on On-Page Optimization. Basically, we prefer CMS platform because CMS platform are very SEO friendly. We like to do internal linking, diversification of anchor text, Meta Title and Description tags, Structured Data, Avoiding over optimization, Canonical tags, etc. Just give us your business on our hands and we will convert it to money.

building external links:

We build external links for your business. Also not only external links, but also we do relationship link building for you because we know when you build your external link It can be removed from that site. For that reason we believe relationship link building to other sites.

our standardized and effective WordPress SEO services Include:
  • Keyword research & Analysis – Suggest you best 10 keywords nation and local wise, which one has good search count and less competition.
  • Install Yoast SEO or All in SEO plugin with proper configurations.
  • Optimizing the title tag with new google guidelines like: Primary Keyword, Secondary Keyword -Brand Name
  • Optimizing Description and Keyword tags based on the content of each page.
  • Image tags optimization according to keywords density.
  • Anchor tags optimization to make internal linking.
  • Optimize and configure a sitemap.xml file and submit in google.
  • Setup ror.xml, urllist.txt file and upload through Cpanel.
  • Google webmaster tool verification.
  • Bing & Yahoo Webmaster tool verification.
  • Google Analytic Verification .
  • Local Map Optimization for a particular country or geographic region.
  • Make website URLs are search engine friendly.
  • H1 tags optimization
  • Content optimization Suggestion
  • Social Media Setup (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Major Search Engine Submission.
  • Dmoz Submission