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Why Securing Your WordPress Website?

The truth is that securing your website is not an optional task no matter what kind of business you are running. If you ignore the security of your website, you would most likely end up with one of the problems mentioned below.

hacked websites get into legal issues

If the crackers replaced your site with some fraudulent offers, they will be associating those illegal acts with your name and brand. You might get into serious legal issues out of that.

hacked websites get blacklisted by search engines

When your website collects malware, it won’t be safe for search engines to list you anymore. They will block you or even do-index you completely from their systems.

hacked websites get re-routed

As you know, crackers like to direct your traffic to their websites. They also desire to steal your clients if they can. Your website’s reputation will simply be lost overnight.

web hosting providers closes Hacked accounts

For security reasons, web hosting providers are obliged to close or suspend your account if it got cracked. Some would give you few days to sort the issue out, but it is never enough to recover your damaged databases or files

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