Theme and plugins

set up service

Whether you are a WordPress beginner or you just want to save time
and get going asap, our setup service is the right choice.

We will manually set up the theme you purchased to look exactly like Demo Theme.
This will make a great starting point for further customization.

Important notes:

Time frame for the setup
Setup requests are executed within 12 hours of received payment and providing all the hosting login information necessary to complete the setup.

• The service is only available for any of our themes. We do not offer this service for third party themes.
• You need to purchase the theme license separately from Themeforest, this service only includes installation and not the theme.
• The service is aimed towards first-time installs. If you already have content on the site and want to keep it this service is not for you.
• Customizations are not included in this service.
• The service is for one domain only
• We will install only the theme required plugins. We will not install any non-required third-party plugins.
• Purchasing one of the above packages does not net you any priority support. To get a priority support packages go here:
Premium Priority Support
• We can’t design your logo and other site elements. Design work isn’t included in this package


What do I get when I order the Professional Theme Setup service?

This service includes:
• Installation of the latest version of WordPress on your server
• Installation of your purchased WordPress theme
• Theme Required Plugins installs
• Import of the demo content included with the theme
• Your website’s logo added to the site

What don’t I get when I order the Professional Theme Setup service?

This service doesn’t cover:

Domain name/web hosting purchase or setup.
You’ll need to have your own web hosting already set up, and have your server details ready to supply to us so that we can get started. If you need help finding a web host, we have some recommendations here:
Recommended Hostings

Further customization.
This purchase doesn’t cover any further customization to your site’s design or functionality, beyond adding your website’s name/logo and the theme’s demo content.
If you need some further customization done, here is our recommendation:
Recommended Hostings

Uploading additional site content.
We will upload any demo content that is included with the theme, but this doesn’t include any additional content (e.g. your own content from another website).

Hosting Configuration Issues
In rare occasions the server configuration will have to be adjusted to make WordPress and the theme works. We may not be able to always fix issues arising from the hosting configuration and you will have to get in touch with your hosting company to resolve them.

Do I need hosting or domain?

Yes. We need to upload your new WordPress setup to a web host. If you need help deciding, see these hosting plans:
Recommended Hostings
We do not provide domains so we will need to buy a domain from service providers like:https://www.namecheap.com

How long does this take?

If you provide us with all the details necessary, we can normally have the setup done within 12 hours. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays due to malfunctioning hosting configuration.

Do you require payment in full?

Yes. we need payment in full in order to process the work.

What login details do I need to provide?

In order to get your theme installed, you’ll need to provide a few details when placing your order. If you don’t know how to find any of these details, contact your web hosting provider’s support department. They should be able to help you find everything you need.

We will need:
FTP details
In order to upload files to your website,we will need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.
You’ll need to provide an FTP server address (usually something like ftp.yourwebsite.com) and a username and password.
Control Panel login details

In order to configure a database and other settings for your website, we will usually need access to your web hosting account’s control panel. On many hosting setups this is called cPanel, but this may be called something different on your setup.
You’ll need to provide a URL where we can log in, and a username and password.

What do the additional setup options (SEO, Security and Performance) offer?

While WordPress is a fairly robust platform, like anything online it is best to be safe, rather than sorry. So, we are offering to install the most popular and useful plugins to ensure your new website is findable, secure and fast!

SEO Plugin includes:
• Installation and activation of an industry standard plugin such as SEO by Yoast.
• Integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools if information supplied.
• Enabling of site map generation.

Security Plugin includes:
• Installation and activation of an industry standard plugin such as Wordfence Security
• Enabling of automatic database backups
• Enabling of login protection

Performance Plugin includes:
• Installation and activation of an industry standard plugin like Super Cache
Please note that some hosting providers (particularly those who offer WordPress-specific hosting plans) do not allow some of these plugins to be installed, as they may already handle concerns like caching or security at a server level. You should check to see if your hosting provider has a WordPress plugin blacklist before placing your order.

What content will be installed on my website?

We will install any demo content that is included with your theme. This service doesn’t cover the migration of any of your existing content into your new website.

I already have a WordPress site up and running, can I use the Professional Theme Setup service to have a new theme installed on my existing website?

No – if you already have an WordPress website which has content that you want to keep, then our Professional Theme Setup is probably not right for you.

This service is designed for setting up brand new websites and getting them ready for you to start adding content. Modifying existing content to make sure that it works with a new theme is beyond the scope of this service.

I have a site hosted on WordPress.com, can I get your theme installed?

Since WordPress.com does not support the installation of external themes, WordPress.com users are unable to install themes via this service. More information on the difference between WordPress.com and self-hosting can be found here:

If you still would like your purchased theme installed, you will need to purchase separate hosting so that we can install the WordPress CMS and your theme. You can see a number of recommended hosts, here:
Recommended Hostings
Purchasing external hosting will still allow you to keep your chosen URL.